Technologies used by IT House

Git is essentially a collaboration tool and an insanely powerful Versioning System. It is a very fast, very efficient, highly scalable, distributed version control system, designed and created by Linus Torvalds (The creator of Linux).

It allows a team of people to work together on the same project, but locally – each with their copy of files. When someone makes a change, he can merge that into the project and everyone will be up to date and will be able to update their local files accordingly by pulling down latest version of the project.

To Operate, Git only needs local files and resources to perform most operations, when alternative Version Control Systems operate over a network connection that adds latency.

Git is fast. Because the entire history of the project is stored locally, operations are executed almost instantly.

It is possible to work Off-Line and commit the changes later at any time.

Everything in Git is proved with a check-sum test before a change is stored. Any later changes are then compared against that check-sum test. If any changes are made the contents of a file or a directory, Git will detect it. This functionality is integral to its philosophy and has been built into Git at the lowest levels.

In Git every change is recorded and stored in database. This means that it is possible to roll back to previous state.

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