Most Advanced Responsive Front-End Framework In The World

Zurb Foundation is the first and most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world, written in HTML, CSS, SASS and JavaScript.

Built with Rails Foundation Framework works flawlessly with any Rails project. It’s optimized for speed…

Foundation makes it much easier to quickly create advanced user interface prototypes for web sites and web applications that work on virtually any device, starting from mobile phones and desktops, to TV screen applications.

Furthermore, it is faster and easier to use. Cleaner Foundation’s markup provides better maintenance, as well, resulting in much faster development time.

Being Mobile Optimized, Foundation uses Hardware acceleration, working great on mobile devices and providing better transitions, smoother animations and great support for touch input for almost native application user experience.

Foundation works with almost any CMS (Content Management System) and it allows serving any kind of unique content on wide variety of devices. And because it uses only front-end web technologies, it is also fully compatible with any back-end server technologies and systems.

Zurb Foundation websites provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices.

It provides

Easy readability

Easy navigation

Minimal Resizing

Minimal Panning

Minimal Scrolling

Fast load times

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