Dating site ActivityDate  – custom e-commerce development Ruby on Rails

ActivityDate is among the first online dating services to merge dating with activities. To meet under relaxed circumstances, get to know each other, doing exciting and funny things together like gala dinners, dance, travel, sport, sightseeing, cultures, and business. It will be a natural and easy way to get to know each other.

ActivityDate aim at keeping a high quality service and we encourage members to have a liberal, open and honest mind to create good karma.

In the long term development, IT House developed the project ActivityDate from scratch. There are quite a lot of features which took in total several months of expansion. In this dating site, users can register, fill their profile; meanwhile, the system is checking if the user supplies his profile ultimately. If not, he gets a notification to complete it, so we try to ensure real and exciting patterns.

Based on user information provided in their profile, you can search for the other party based on your interests. Besides a typical dating site, ActivityDate organizes gala events around the world. The most common place for meeting this community is in Dubai. Users can find dating prospectives as a travel companion or meeting people in their hometowns.

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