Marketplace BikerBnB

Bikerbnb  – a marketplace built on Sharetribe

The whole idea of the project is that it is created by bikers for bikers, bikerbnb is an online marketplace or a booking platform designed to help connect exploring riders with motorcycle friendly accommodation. Motorbikes are more than just a passion; they are a way of life. Bikerbnb mission is to ease the motorcyclist’s journey by giving them that comfort of feeling like they have a home away from home while traveling the open road.


IT House built a platform on Sharetribe GO (OpenSource version). Since the day one doing ongoing development in close collaboration with a client we’ve done many features which makes project unique and adapted to its needs.

The main issue what should be changed was possiblity to add sublistings under main listing (parent listings), as the one hotel owner usually have more rooms not a single.

The next cruicial feature was adapting a pricing model to clients needs, as the prices may change during weekdays, holidays or even bank holidays. There were several features which also took a bit time like improving search logic, Stripe limitations. Also the availability calendar was changed, added a discounting model, blogging, landing page and many more.

Other great projects built on Sharetribe

We have great expertise in marketplaces development. We use both Sharetribe versions: Sharetribe GO and Sharetribe FLEX. Sharetribe GO or its OpenSource version allows you to create a marketplace that has almost all basic marketplace features: let your users create profiles, list their offering, interact with each other, and make online payments. Sharetribe FLEX as it is more scalable and has modern design and usability. We love the idea behind this new app that marketplace owners can even create standalone applications. 


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