Marketplace FreeDM

FreeDM  – a marketplace built on Sharetribe

Freedm was born when idea authors kept encountering people who wanted to buy services but who were worried about quality, price, and effortless purchases. They also saw entrepreneurs and companies who wanted to work more, but who had no means to connect with buyers. Freedm is the way to sell labor and to be fully in control of hours. Marketplace takes care of bookings and payments, so service providers can focus on delivering first-class services to their clients. Primary Freedm is oriented on cleaning services, elderly care, and in the future, will add babysitting service.

IT House worked on different tasks for the project, some of them worth to mention, i.e.:
– allow listers to set and edit combined date and time availability,
– implement availability search for a given date and time slot,
– create a landing page,
– implementation of referral and bonus codes (generating and applying),
– use VAT in invoicing and emailing if a user is VAT payer,
– make Guest checkout option,
– subletting option,
– limit booking service set how many users can book facility in the same time slot,
– and many other smaller tasks.

Other great projects built on Sharetribe

We have great expertise in marketplaces development. We use both Sharetribe versions: Sharetribe GO and Sharetribe FLEX. Sharetribe GO or its OpenSource version allows you to create a marketplace that has almost all basic marketplace features: let your users create profiles, list their offering, interact with each other, and make online payments. Sharetribe FLEX as it is more scalable and has modern design and usability. We love the idea behind this new app that marketplace owners can even create standalone applications.

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