Sharetribe GO core development

Sharetribe GO – core development works

In collaboration with Sharetribe’s development team

Sharetribe gets you a professional marketplace platform that is easy to set up, maintain, manage, and grow. Furthermore, it provides you with two options, Sharetribe GO setting up marketplaces without writing a single line of code. 

In collaboration with Sharetribe’s team, IT House works together on its platform development for a few years. IT House team has great Sharetribe developers who specialize in marketplace development and have strong developer skills to React, cloud-based API, Ruby on Rails and JavaScript

Parallel working on the core system and customer projects made us experts in marketplace development.


“We’ve been working with IT House for several years. 

They are a loyal technology partner with years of experience working specifically with online marketplaces. They have always been very responsive and accommodating to our needs. 

We’re happy to recommend their services.”

– Juho Makkonen, Sharetribe Co-founder & CEO

Some of the tasks IT House has helped with development

Availability calendar

IT House helped to maintain the availability feature, and worked on the Harmony migration. Providers can specify their listing availability and customers can view a listings’ availability on the listing calendar.

Stripe integration

Before Stripe, using Paypal was the only possible way to complete transactions. We worked on Stripe integration into core platform.

Change email layouts

Based on designs provided by Sharetribe’s team, we worked on new layouts for all emails sent from marketplaces automatically. To accomplish all imagined functionality and taking into account that some email services providers display design in their own way. We created that server-side generated layout and made that plan always looks great.

Upgrade to Rails 5

The update included test writing, making sure that they pass, moving to the latest patch version, test fixing, and deprecated features

Doing refactoring

We worked on code refactoring to improve its internal structure. For example one of the tasks was to replace EntityBuilders with ActiveModel classes.

Intercom integration

IT House helped with Intercom integration and setting up event tracking.

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Custom built marketplaces

Created by IT House developers upon open-source Sharetribe

Sharetribe Go as the SaaS version has limitations, and marketplace owners can choose OpenSource or Flex, which means that in both cases, they will need developers.

IT House got many clients whom we helped with setting up their marketplace on the client-server. Before Sharetribe implemented Stripe and Availability calendar in their core system, there were many clients whom we developed had both features. As the marketplaces have different spheres and priorities, clients asked for various help.

Some of features implemented by us you will find below

Change search logic&design

Way back before Flex, clients wanted to get an Airbnb style look when listings are next to map. So, we created it.

A cart to support product marketplace

Go supports both types of marketplaces’ products or services. However, one of out client’s wanted to make a cart, so users would be able to get a bunch of listings in a single transaction.

Remake rating system

Thumbs up or down gives overall feeling. Client of our wanted to give more accurate ratings, by giving 5 stars, so services buyers would receive the best.

Add referral system or coupon system

Marketplace owners employ coupon or referral promotions to increase the propensity to purchase among their customers.

Setting up another payment gateway

IT House based on it’s clients requests implemented another payment gateways for their marketplaces, such as Paypal Adaptive payments or Mangopay.

Navisyo – marketplace built on Flex

Bergzeit – marketplace built on Flex

Teachlive – marketplace built on Flex

The Octopus Club – marketplace built on Flex