Video streaming portal & mobile apps

Video streaming portal & mobile applications

If you ever has used Youtube or Vimeo you understand the size of the portal. This project was huge and took lot of development time. However it’s still under NDA and web can tell you a bit of its possiblities. The project is The Video Gateway, the most privileged place for consumers, content owners, distributors and brands to get maximum value from video content.

Portal integrates mobile video content management, recommendation, app and web publishing, syndication and ad monetization in one seamless platform.

IT House helped with platform development on Ruby on Rails, iOs and Android applications.

Ongoing development over a year building custom web application, i.e. video streaming portal using Ruby on Rails, iOs and Android applications.

IT House worked on all main features starting from creating a base platform, updating video player with social buttons, sizing option, responsivness. Creating story boards and playlist. This portal is copying the same features also so both iOs and Android platforms, for example, a user has the best scrolling experience, can view and share video on social networks, can view videos on full screen mode.

As the project has three environments, it’s using an API.

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Video streaming portal & apps


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