The OctopusClub

Marketplace built on Sharrtribe FLEX

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The Octopus Club – marketplace built on Flex

[cl_column width="2/3"] The Octopus Club Born from the constant need to update our baby’s things so they’re age appropriate, preference for a clutter-free home and because we care about the This is a marketplace that was specific to parents and caregivers, [...]
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OwnOutDoors – a marketplace built on Sharetribe

OwnOutDoors  – a marketplace built on Sharetribe is a marketplace built on Sharetribe. The idea of the project came from young enterpreneurs. Who started to provide their kayak and snorkeling tours, fishing charters, and others. Choosing web applications, they [...]
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Sharetribe GO core development

[cl_column_inner width="2/3"] Sharetribe GO – core development works In collaboration with Sharetribe's development team Sharetribe gets you a professional marketplace platform that is easy to set up, maintain, manage, and grow. Furthermore, it provides you with two options, Sharetribe GO setting [...]
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RentMama – car rental marketpalce

RentMama  – a marketplace built on Sharetribe is an independent rental marketplace for those who would like to rent a car and for car rental companies. The goal is to enable car renters to quickly and easily obtain the [...]
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CrowdCulture – Crowdfunding portal

CrowdCulture  – a crowdfunding portal built on Ruby on Rails is a financing method, a tool for realizing your dream project. Crowdculture works like a regular crowdfunding platform, including the fact that cultural workers also can seek financing from [...]
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