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Navisyo – marketplace built on Flex

Navisyo – marketplace built on Sharetribe FlexNavisyo is dedicated to connecting boat owners with new world travellers by offering affordable and authentic Floatel stays, Voyages and Events on the water, through an innovative online open-source booking platform.IT House started cooperation [...]
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Bergzeit – marketplace built on Flex

Bergzeit Erlebnis marketplace built on Sharetribe FlexBergzeit has been more than just an online shop for more than 20 years. Right from the start, Bergzeit weren't just about selling equipment for mountaineers. They want to equip, inspire, advise and make [...]
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Teachlive – marketplace built on Flex

Teachlive - marketplace built on Sharetribe Flex Online and near you. is a marketplace based in Germany that helps to find private music teachers immediately. Teachlive has the best music teachers for each instrument, and teachers are immediately available [...]
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The Octopus Club – marketplace built on Flex

The Octopus Club Born from the constant need to update our baby’s things so they’re age appropriate, preference for a clutter-free home and because we care about the environment. This is a marketplace that was specific to parents and caregivers, to [...]
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Cobby – marketplace built on Flex

Cobby The client came to IT House with a request to launch MVP quickly, which we did. We set up the project on top of the FTW-daily template doing a few minor customizations. The project was intended as a marketplace [...]
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OwnOutDoors – a marketplace built on Sharetribe

OwnOutDoors  – a marketplace built on Sharetribe is a marketplace built on Sharetribe. The idea of the project came from young enterpreneurs. Who started to provide their kayak and snorkeling tours, fishing charters, and others. Choosing web applications, they [...]
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Sharetribe GO core development

Sharetribe GO – core development works In collaboration with Sharetribe's development team Sharetribe gets you a professional marketplace platform that is easy to set up, maintain, manage, and grow. Furthermore, it provides you with two options, Sharetribe GO setting up marketplaces [...]
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RentMama – car rental marketpalce

RentMama  – custom-built marketplace is an independent rental marketplace for those who would like to rent a car and for car rental companies. The goal is to enable car renters to quickly and easily obtain the most interesting rental [...]
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CrowdCulture – Crowdfunding portal

CrowdCulture  – a crowdfunding portal built on Ruby on Rails is a financing method, a tool for realizing your dream project. Crowdculture works like a regular crowdfunding platform, including the fact that cultural workers also can seek financing from [...]
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