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Transparent work process from the first contact to coding

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Where to start, if you want to build you marketplace on Sharetribe Flex

Your project is one-of-a-kind, as is your definition of success. We believe in frequent and clear communication between you and our team, ensuring your goals are met every step of the way. Below, you will read about the process from the idea and your first contact with us to getting your market place into production.

Sharetribe Flex marketplace development process

1. Fill out the form

Fill out the form (find here) with basic questions for us to better understand your needs.

2. Manual how to build marketplace

Read how to Build and launch marketplace with Flex (find here). You will find there four main stages in this process.

3. Book a call with our project lead

Once you have a clear vision, it is the right time to book a call with our project lead. We may bring in more clarity about the required budget or give new ideas.

4. Creating your own Demo Flex environment

Even before getting guestimation, start testing Flex environments. There are several options either Sharetribe’s limited demo, IT House controlled demo, your demo limited for a month, or your full control MVP.

5. Polish your specification

Once you’ll play around sand-boxes, it gives the right feeling about the possibilities. Revise and send us your specifications based on the top of the Sharetribe Flex Demo environment.

6. Our part - prepare a guesstimation

Meanwhile, we’ll put together a guesstimate and provide you with a detailed cost break-down by stages.

7. Legal process & invoicing

Once we agree on a budget, we sign NDA & Contract. We work based on a time and material contract, and you have full control over the project. As a guarantee that you will get what you want and need is that you’ll have a complete overview of the development process using project management tool Trello and communication tools Skype or any other channel. Before we start, we do a 50% advance invoice for the MVP stage.

Flex sand-box or demo environment options

Try marketplace capabilities in limited option sandboxes

Start by filling out this form at Sharetribe’s website, please keep in mind that it’s not possible to make transactions in this environment. If you are not willing to create your own test environment, feel free to use our daily booking template or hourly booking template.

Get your own full control “sand-box”

Get your own full control sand-box. You can get your own marketplace just in a few hours. You will get a full functionality marketplace based on Sharetribe Flex (hourly or daily) template. Just give us your Stripe Test API keys (quick how-to you can find here) and this marketplace will run for a month.

Your own Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

If you are satisfied with “out-of-the-box” Sharetribe Flex features, choose Daily booking or Hourly template, move on with your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) within a week, which includes the following features:

  • We give marketplace your identity by uploading your logo, photos, changing colors and texts, including static pages Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, removing extended data and changing search filters adapting to your location;
  • Set-up mail servers to make sure that all emails reach recipient add safety certifications (SSL);

  • If your marketplace will be in other language supported by Sharetribe (Spanish, French, and German) than English, it will be changed;
  • Set up payment gateway API keys so transactions may happen and if required change the custom fee, by default, it is 10%;

  • Choose to use either daily or hourly flex template;
  • Put your site to production (live);

  • The next stages depend on your needs.

Build your Sharetribe FLEX marketplace with IT House

Additional features for marketplaces built or customized our developers

Although Sharetribe Flex provides 90% of what you need, i.e., it gives you a robust back-end with all the features you need for an advanced service, rental, or events marketplace, it all should be configured and adapted to your project.

Some development work is always needed to build a marketplace with Flex. The great thing is that you can use the programming language of your choice to work with the Flex API. If you use Flex Template for Web to create your marketplace site, you need to be familiar with its technology stack, i.e., React.

Modern web template

Flex allows you to build a unique frontend from scratch, but also you can usefully functional open-source template.

Flexible pricing

Users can apply discounts, taxes, seasonal pricing, delayed payments or invoicing. Flex’s transaction process editor allows it all.

Availability management

Marketplace support both day-based and time-based availability as well as multi-seat bookings

Customizable search&filtering engine

The powerful search engine allows finding listings by geolocation, free text, price or some other value.

Build mobile app

Since Flex provides a robust API, and you have full control over the code, it is also possible to build mobile apps.

Integration with 3rd parties

A way to extend your marketplace is to integrate third party services, i.e., Google Maps, Intercom, MailChimp, A/B test tools, or any other.

Advantages of Sharetribe Flex instead of GO

Why you should consider choosing to use Flex

Modern design

The design of the Flex Template is a big upgrade from Sharetribe Go’s look and feel. For instance, instantly get an Airbnb-like “map + list” view, and the ability to filter listings by date when something is available.

Build a mobile native app

Build a native mobile app. That’s a massive amount of development work on your current site. Flex would make that option a lot easier and cheaper, especially now that there’s also the open-source templates.

Integration with 3rd parties

Sharetribe Flex has a powerful, well-documented API ensuring a way to extend your marketplace is to integrate third party services, i.e., Google Maps, Intercom, MailChimp, A/B test tools, or any other.

Get faster development

Using Flex as a marketplace platform ensures faster development. Flex only requires front-end development, which means that in many cases, you can move forward a lot faster when you want to implement new things in your marketplace.

Stop worrying about software updates

Sharetribe Flex has a powerful, well-documented API ensuring a way to extend your marketplace is to integrate third party services, i.e., Google Maps, Intercom, MailChimp, A/B test tools, or any other.

Get access to Sharetribe's support

Sharetribe’s team is always accessible to help them with any issues they might have. They are constantly monitoring uptime and notify them if we notice anything suspicious.

Free Consultation and Quote

Contact us for a consultation, project analysis, and a free quote for your Sharetribe Marketplace development.

Let us go through the main points to find the best possible solution for your particular idea and project, and then you can decide if you’d like us to perform this project for you.

There is no pressure or obligation to work with us after the call. If you decide not to work with us, at least you will have great advice from experts working in the industry for more than ten years – we’ve seen a lot.

We offer a Satisfaction guarantee, Custom designs, Agile/Scrum incremental development methodology, Quality assurance and testing, Europe based team, Free consultation, and a free quote. 

P.S. We are a small, consolidated and resilient team, but to maintain our quality standards and full attention to project management and development, there is a limited number of projects we can take on.

And we want to keep it that way!