Marketplace built on Sharetribe Flex

Navisyo – marketplace built on Sharetribe Flex

Navisyo is dedicated to connecting boat owners with new world travellers by offering affordable and authentic Floatel stays, Voyages and Events on the water, through an innovative online open-source booking platform.

IT House started cooperation with the fantastic Navisyo team in late 2020. The development team started a project on top of the Sharetribe Flex daily template, and, since that time, Sharetribe has grown and added many different features. We managed to update the template and transaction process to use all of the latest features, for example, Privilege transitions.

“Navisyo was born out of a passion for the seas fueled by the sincere desire to make the world more enjoyable, healthier and safer. We wanted to find the right development partner and we did. We have collaborated with IT House over 2 years. In a collaborative manner, IT House’s project manager was insightful, excellent in communication and whenever we were facing challenges, they were able to provide us with a cost-effective solution.”

Alexander Michaels,
CEO / Founder, Navisyogroup

Custom features for marketplace

Unique design both for desktop & mobile

Navisyo has high-quality standards for everything, including the design. Even we started on top of the template, and almost all sections have been redesigned.

Different categories

Three large categories with a different listing wizard and listing public view for floatels, voyages and events. Moreover, every category differences also in the transaction process, allowing overnight stays/booking per night, bookings per day, per trip.

Price negotiation

Unique transaction process for Events – building a possibility to set price based on request – as negotiated price. In practice, it means that guests tell their needs, and the provider can offer a special price, which the guest may accept or reject.

Parent & child listings

Floatels offer overnight stays, allowing boat owners to rent only cabins. We built that there is two types of listings – parent listings (boats) that are visible in search and child (cabins) listings that can be booked but not displayed in search.


Having child and parent listing required significant updates for search queries.

Voucherify integration for discounts

We have used Voucherify for two different use cases – one is giving discounts to transactions. Admin uses Voucherify to manage coupons or gift cards, and integration into Flex allows to redeem them.

Voucherify integration of Ambassador program.

Navisyo has an Ambassador program offering the possibility to earn money on the platform. Voucherify is used to keep and manage information about user earnings.

SEO improvements

It’s clear that React website is quite challenging to improve, and already Flex template isn’t well optimized for SEO. However, making improvements step-by-step, like updating meta information, adding a sitemap, optimizing images, changing cache policy and many others, made it possible to increase numbers.

High & low season pricing

It’s clear that there are high & low seasons, and prices changes accordingly; we implemented a feature for boat owners to define seasons and set the prices.

Off-session payments

Stripe allows escrow payments for 90 days; however, usually, guests are willing to book a boat more in advance, so we used a possibility called off-session payments to increase the possible booking period, extending it to one year.

Currency exchange

Although in the marketplace main currency is EUR, it’s possible to see prices in USD. We use API integration with currency exchange services to get accurate rates.

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We have great expertise in marketplaces development. We use both Sharetribe versions: Sharetribe GO and Sharetribe FLEX. Sharetribe GO or its OpenSource version allows you to create a marketplace that has almost all basic marketplace features: let your users create profiles, list their offering, interact with each other, and make online payments. Sharetribe FLEX as it is more scalable and has modern design and usability. We love the idea behind this new app that marketplace owners can even create standalone applications.

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