How we work

Your website or app will look elegant, clean, and effortless


Your website or app will look elegant, clean, and effortless—but the process of building it is actually quite complex. Our polished final products are the culmination of several in-depth stages that require precise execution and attention to detail. Not only do these projects involve intricate programming and artful design—they also require an open line of communication with our client to guide the project’s vision and clarify program requirements. As our client, you’ll be able to add your input through every stage of development, directing the constant improvement of your product.



1. Business Research & Planning

To craft the perfect site or app for your needs, we begin by learning your business, your goals, and your users inside and out. Together, we’ll determine exactly what you need—and how your needs might evolve over time. At this stage, our IT House experts can also provide advice and insight into achieving your business goals with innovative solutions. Priorities are set, plans are mapped out—and we get to work.

2. Information Achitecture

Once we understand your goals, we’ll whip up a functional wireframe for you to review—think of it as an interactive blueprint for your project. You’ll get a sense of the aesthetics and usability early on, with the opportunity to comment, critique, and shape the look and feel of your project from the very start.

3. Visual Design

Now that we’ve got the skeletal frame of your project, we’ll start filling it in with color, character, and intuitive functionality. Your project begins to take on a life of its own as we work in close collaboration with you, ensuring the project perfectly balances a pleasant user experience with your articulated business goals

4. Theme Customization

With the main design now in place, we’ll start crafting the individual elements of your site or app. We’ll slice our designs from PSD to CSS and HTML, building a beautiful website. The heavy-duty developing begins here—we comply with the latest and greatest digital standards, so your project works well across all platforms today and for years to come.

5. Programming

Finally, we get to work fine-tuning the backend functionality. We can program in several languages and frameworks, including PHP, C++, Python, Symphony, Drupal and Microsoft Studio—but for efficiency and flexibility, we specialize in and recommend Ruby on Rails. We field your input several times throughout the process, and in the end deliver a polished product ready to launch.

    Responsive, flexible and creative. IT House fully understood our wishes and needs even better than we did. It was pleasure to work and communicate with them.

    Inese Vetra
    Lulu pizza head of marketing department

    IT House can be characterized by a words “getting the right outcome, achieving value for money”. Feel that here are working professionals, they always would suggest what would be effective and a good solution. Appreciate that I am able to work with them on long term projects.

    Anda Valtere
    CEO, Medicine journal

    Team of IT House very quickly responded to our needs and implemented them in the portal. Process of development run very smoothly.

    Max Valentin


You want your project to dazzle users, function flawlessly, and achieve your goals. To deliver exactly that, IT House employs iterative project management for all our software and design development, in accordance with agile scrum principles. This practice of short, incremental updates allows to us to build with cost-effectively with little risk and major flexibility—translating to a superior final product for your business. Our project management style enables clients and programmers to communicate more often, aligning priorities and evaluating progress along the way. These frequent updates make it simple and easy to change the direction of the project on-the-fly, and produces working prototypes for the client to test at the earliest stages possible—you get to see your product in action faster, with the freedom to adjust and optimize it as we build.

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To assure your code is clean and error-free, we build a series of automated quality tests directly into the coding itself. Every time a new function is added, each section of code is automatically retested—ensuring for easy and flexible growth over time. No matter how your project evolves, we never waver on providing the highest quality code.

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