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As it should be! No templates, no shortcuts, no smoke and no mirrors. Best in class professional custom web-developer at affordable price

You have an idea where a template wouldn’t fit?

Do you need a custom web development or web application development? Prefer working with a professional, experienced team of excellent developers? And like mature project management and seamless communication. Want to have a superior quality, complete transparency of activities? And an “On Time,” “On Budget” project.

How do you know what is right for you? Where do you start? We understand that those are the most common questions before starting the most severe web development project and or jus test the idea and launch MVP. 

Professional consultations, specification analysis, risk, and budget estimates, quick prototypes, proof of concepts, or minimum viable product (MVP), this is all you can get at IT House even before you commit to full-scale development.

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We do not build websites – We create them

To create a useful website, three distinct but integrated roles are critical for success: designer, developer, and marketer. We have them all.

  • In-house website designers are determining the layout, graphics, text, and navigation of the site. Graphic designers are creating graphics, colors, and fonts with attention to every detail.

  • In-house web developers with over a decade of experience, using best practices and latest technology trends to take the design and bring it to life.

  • In-house experienced internet marketers with a good understanding of business and project requirements. They are doing the domain research, preparing the right structure. And all the elements to help increase traffic to your site through search engine optimization (SEO). Also, to create a website that SELLS, not merely entertains.

Bring a vision to the world

Either a simple solution for a simple problem or a complex, custom web application solving complex business problems. Create a web application that people actually enjoy and want to use.

It’s not about the code, or design, or technology. It is about the end-user and the best way to serve them.

Business applications

New custom application development

Complexity delivered in a simple solution, create projects faster—by using tested and reliable Ruby on Rails framework and agile development practices.

  • Clean, concise code that accomplishes exactly what you need elegantly and effectively.

  • – Quality first without sacrificing superior quality.

Back-end services for mobile or web solutions

Transparent middle-ware and powerful back-end services bringing a seamless data interchange between front side application and background system architecture.

We use Model-View-Controller (MVC) – separating Program Logic and Actions from Layout and Design, allowing multiple simultaneous designs and interfaces, based on same background functionality.

Reducing testing and development time, and creating native multi-platform functionality.

Advanced front-end development

When exceptional functionality meets beautiful design—that’s when your website really makes an impact.

Create an interface that your users want to use and actually enjoy.

Combine an artistic spirit with a business mind, providing a website that not only looks great, stands out and is practical, but achieves your goals at the same time.

Existing system improvement, re-design

Follow the latest trends in design and technology, to give your customers the functionality, atmosphere and support they deserve.

  • New and extended functionality

  • Improved usability and user experience

  • Improved website conversions and sales

  • Stand out from your competitors and attract new loyal customers

Third party platform integration and customization

A fully functional end-to-end solution that connects all your systems to work in synergy.

  • Seamless data transfer

  • Always up-to-date information

  • A complete overview of business related information

  • Interactive dashboards and triggers

  • New and extended functionality

How do we do it?

The Team

We believe you will agree that the team behind is the reason for success. We have our in-house team, no 3rd country outsourcing, which means that we are 100% Europe Based reliable team of experienced developers, project managers, and domain experts.

We provide the best software Engineers at an affordable price. Our managers are Co-Funders of TechHub Riga and are organizers of Ruby on Rails Baltics Community groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Meetup.

Our team has extensive knowledge of the latest technology trends, modern application frameworks, advanced development techniques, and a quality-driven delivery model.

To minimize development time, programming efforts, and overall project costs, without sacrificing quality.
Web developers do believe that lifetime learning is key to success. In the tech space, skills become obsolete every two years, give or take. So, it’s better to hire a web developer who can learn new technologies easily, rather than someone who knows a specific technology now. But may not adapt when a new one comes along.
We do stay up-to-date with the latest technology!

The Management
  • Agile Scrum Project management methodology is not just a management process. It’s a style of work that incorporates many project management core values like: Communication, Transparency, incremental development, short development cycles.

  • Mature yet completely transparent project management that matches your business realities and expectations.

  • Coding Guidelines and Standards.

  • Use of Model-View-Controller (MVC) – separating Program Logic and Actions from Layout and Design. Allowing multiples simultaneous designs and interfaces, based on same background functionality. Reducing development and testing time, and creating native multi-platform applications.

  • We work in short development iteration cycles. So we can quickly build working prototypes to test. What allows us to evaluate before going public.

  • Short development cycles allow market-driven development with a flexibility to quickly adapt to market needs and desires.

  • Our customers are free to attend any and all planning and development meeting to give direct feedback, and clarifying questions to achieve the best result.

  • Solid Version Control System.

Quality assurance and tests
  • In all projects we perform a thorough automated system Testing. To maintain high quality and eliminate any bugs way before they reach public stage.

  • Performance, load, and stress testing.

  • Almost every feature in the systems has its own quality test, to make sure any new updates do not affect previous systems.

  • Thorough testing enables uninterrupted development, less bugs in production systems.

  • Clean, highly maintainable code. Keeping the code clean and labeled properly, so someone else can easily work with the code. It reduces total production time (especially for complex systems), allows quick problem solving, is faster and more stable, easy updates and migrations, simple scalability.

  • Multi-browser compatibility.

  • Excellent usability, scalability and universal compatibility

  • Wide experience in different domains, solutions and technologies – we can build the type of system you’re looking for.

  • Almost no system is entirely new, there are always parallels in structural, functional or technological level and in a new domain this can even be an advantage if you want to introduce fresh innovative solutions and approaches.

  • Industry leading Design – whether you prefer Ralistic (skeuomorphic), Flat or the new and trending Google’s Material design, we’ve got you covered.

  • Industries and/or segments covered (Preferably graphics with text, Only Links to Solutions Below with larger graphics and more solutions) – Social Networks, Community sites, Crowdfunding Sites, Ecommerce

    Web Portals, Media Content Distribution, Data Mining and Advanced analytics, E-Learning and Online Training, Logistics and Geographic Information Systems

  • In-House Open-Source content management system nominated for Award

  • Incremental product delivery, Multi-level staging environment, continuous integration, fast development

  • Experience in the technology you want your system built in

  • Cross platform and cross device support, advanced front-end frameworks

  • Resilient server infrastructure

  • Advanced technologies

Technologies used for development

The primary programming language at IT House is Ruby on Rails and Elixir. Therefore it deserves its section. Also, it is the basement of most of our advanced web applications. Ruby on Rails has been the platform of choice of many world-famous companies like Shopify, Crunchbase, Groupon, Airbnb, Sharetribe, SoundCloud, Hulu, SlideShare, and others. It is the primary choice of most new tech companies in Silicon Alley USA.

If you want find more about technologies used by IT House, visit page “Used technologies

Expertise and Solutions

Free Consultation and Quote

Contact us for a consultation, project analysis, and a free quote for your Custom Web development project.

Let us go through the main points to find the best possible solution for your particular idea and project, and then you can decide if you’d like us to perform this project for you.

There is no pressure or obligation to work with us after the call. If you decide not to work with us, at least you will have great advice from experts working in the industry for more than ten years – we’ve seen a lot.

We offer a Satisfaction guarantee, Custom designs, Agile/Scrum incremental development methodology, Quality assurance and testing, Europe based team, Free consultation, and a free quote. 

P.S. We are a small, consolidated and resilient team, but to maintain our quality standards and full attention to project management and development, there is a limited number of projects we can take on.

And we want to keep it that way!


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