Marketplace built on Sharetribe Flex


The client came to IT House with a request to launch MVP quickly, which we did. We set up the project on top of the FTW-daily template doing a few minor customizations. The project was intended as a marketplace to share workspaces for hotels.

Feature list

Basic template updates (colour & text change)

We made a few design changes.

Listing wizard updates

Listing wizard was adapted and changed for client needs.

Pricing update

We removed a possibility for providers to set the price; all listings shall have the same pricing policy.

MVP was launched and developed within two weeks

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Other great projects built on Sharetribe

We have great expertise in marketplaces development. We use both Sharetribe versions: Sharetribe GO and Sharetribe FLEX. Sharetribe GO or its OpenSource version allows you to create a marketplace that has almost all basic marketplace features: let your users create profiles, list their offering, interact with each other, and make online payments. Sharetribe FLEX as it is more scalable and has modern design and usability. We love the idea behind this new app that marketplace owners can even create standalone applications.

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