Crowdfunding platform Projektubanka

Crowdfunding portal  – web application development using Ruby on Rails

ProjektuBanka is a crowdfunding project to help to raise capital through the collective effort of friends, family, customers, and individual investors. Crowdfunding is essentially the opposite of the mainstream approach to business finance.

Traditionally, if you want to raise capital to start a business or launch a new product, you would need to pack up your business plan, market research, and prototypes, and then shop your idea around to a limited pool or wealthy individuals or institutions.

Crowdfunding platforms, on the other hand, turns that funnel on-end. By giving you, the entrepreneur, a single platform to build, showcase, and share your pitch resources, this approach dramatically streamlines the traditional model.

IT House helped to create this project on a ready-made opensource crowdfunding product called, which is built on Ruby on Rails. As the main features were out-of-the-box, the main tasks for our developers were setting up different payment gateways like FirstData, Paypal, Swedbank payments, SEB bank payments, and Paysera.

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